The Search for the Ocean Shard

a comic by Thomas Hotka and Trey Petersen

The Bonhotei

The indigenous race of the planet, Nextuus. Bonhotei (bahn•ho•tay) are horse-like quadrupeds with coarse hair covering most of their bodies. An adult can grow to 6’ to the shoulder, but because of their constant deep slouch, most are only just higher than 5’ to the shoulder. Each of their 4 appendages ends in a cloven hoof. Bonhotei have eyes best suited to low-light conditions, and also have a small secondary pair of eyes focused backwards, giving them rear-vision. These eyes can be closed separately and are generally left closed unless hunting.

The Bonhotei culture was mostly ignored when the Confederation first settled Nextuus, and it has been so changed by the colonization of the planet that very little is known of what Bonhotei life was like before humans and other races came to Nextuus. They have harnessed the ability to create fire, and can pinch small tools between their cloven hooves to make other very simple items such as knives and spears.

Now Bonhotei have been relocated to the small continent known as Tirtiann, though some have left the reservations there and try to meld with Nextuus’ new inhabitants. Most people of Nextuus see the Bonhotei as a novelty, an interesting animal. Though the Bonhotei can communicate with each other, they have trouble learning human speech, so little is known what the Bonhotei truly think of their usurpers.


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