The Search for the Ocean Shard

a comic by Thomas Hotka and Trey Petersen

The Donts

The most prolific of all interstellar races are the Donts (dahnts). Donts are split into several sub-species that have been genetically-engineered for specific purposes in Dont society: Warriors (pictured above), servants, engineers and so on.

Their sizes range greatly from each sub-race. The largest are the warriors, which are 8-10’ tall, and almost as wide. All Donts have two arms and legs, each ending in two long fingers. Most sub-races have highly segmented fingers tipped with a tough nail, but the warriors’ fingers and toes have only one segmentation past the wrist and are beyond that completely covered in a tough nail, making for huge, powerful claws. All Donts have a small tail, which helps balance their frame, as they have a forward-leaning gait. Donts have a definitive long skull that ends in a point. Though it is easy to believe this protrusion is a long nose, it actually houses glands that aid in keeping a Dont awake and sharp even after days without sleep. Donts actually have almost no sense of smell and rather poor vision, due to their eyes being on either side of the head.

The Donts have conquered a large corner of the galaxy, and their empire grows steadily as no one has been able to stop them as of yet. Several years back, the Donts came to Nextuus and demanded the planet tithe certain resources to the Dont Empire. When the Confederation and the government of Nextuus turned them down, the Donts attacked Nextuus space with full force. When the battle was done, Nextuus was won for the Dont Empire, though the people of the planet were left to live as they always had. Now the resources produced are sent directly to the Dont Empire, shipping controlled from Nextuus’ Beta moon, which now houses a large Dont stronghold.

Many Donts live on Nextuus, not just Beta, though few on the planet’s surface are of the Warrior race. Animosity is still very high for most of the populace of Nextuus, so Donts who live on the planet often keep to themselves and try not to cause trouble.

Though they are the enemy of many throughout the galaxy, the Donts have nothing against those they conquer. They are a successful species and as they expand, they have need for more resources than they can produce with the planets under their control. Demanding tithes and conquering those that refuse is all they can do to power their empire, simple as that.


©2006-2018 Thomas Hotka