The Search for the Ocean Shard

a comic by Thomas Hotka and Trey Petersen

Nextuus Planetary Defense Force (NPDF)

The Nextuus Planetary Defense Force (NPDF) was established when the Confederation first colonized the planet. There has always been a standing force present on the planet to protect it should war come to Nextuus.

When the Dont war began, volunteers rushed to join the NPDF. However, the war was mostly fought in space, far from the actual planet, or on the two moons of Nextuus, so the NPDF did not see full deployment until very late in the war, and by then it was already too late for them to do much good. The NPDF was militarily inferior in almost every way to the invading army, and so was easily brushed aside.

With the war lost, the NPDF became harshly limited by sanctions from the Dont Empire. Many soldiers left the army, refusing to take orders from a military that appeared to give up the fight too easily. The forces that remained were restructured to quell civilian unrest caused by the war and help in reconstruction efforts. Over time, the NPDF began to regularly support- and often wholly replace- local law enforcement.

The pictured soldier is equipped with a standard MF-720 Rifle and Claymore-Pattern body armor, with inset power field generator.


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