The Search for the Ocean Shard

a comic by Thomas Hotka and Trey Petersen


The NIX is a paramilitary force that has been present on Nextuus since the Dont war. Originally the NIX was a private security force, hired by companies to protect their offices from the coming invasion of the Donts. In the aftermath of the war, the NIX stayed on in their duties, their ranks swelling with new recruits from the now-defunct Planetary Defense Force.

The NIX soon became the largest military organization on the planet, and used this station to have a controlling hand in every aspect of Nextuus society. Every major company, every government office, even the remnants of the Nextuus Planetary Defense Force had agents of the NIX placed into them in positions of control. The NIX allows these organizations to act on their own, and does not directly control any of them, but rather makes sure their own desires come first, and see to it that the NIX themselves may operate freely, outside of normal laws or restrictions.

The true goals of the NIX are shrouded in secret and hidden in bureaucracy, but it is known that one of their main objectives is to develop weapons that may free Nextuus from their Dont suppressors, thus allowing Nextuus to keep more of its resources in their own hands, and not tithed out to the Dont Empire.

NIX soldiers are known as Mavericks and make up the majority of the NIX’s offensive strength. They act as a police force for the NIX, executing their will when direct influence is necessary. Mavericks are often compared to mob enforcers or hit men, as generally they use threats, violence or financial ruin to get their way.

Squads vary in size and specialty, from single-man units infiltrating and spying on possible threats to the NIX, to whole platoons of trained soldiers, should that need ever arise. Most common are the Urban squads, who generally number 3-6 and have small areas to patrol. Urban Mavericks wear street clothes and generally try to blend in, only letting on they are with the NIX when the need arises. These units are often the most feared, as they are always present in any major city, and it is often hard to determine who they are, so they could be anywhere.


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