The Search for the Ocean Shard

a comic by Thomas Hotka and Trey Petersen

The Waywachrie

The Waywachrie (way•wuh•cry), also known as The Ways, are a group of people who all have powerful psychic abilities. The Ways claim to have started their society long ago on the human homeworld, and have spread with humanity throughout the stars. Though primarily human, some Ways are from other races.

Humans all have some level of psychic ability, but it is generally very weak and cannot be honed or developed at all. However, some humans are born with a higher aptitude to use psychic abilities and can learn to control them. Of these psychics with useful ability, only a tiny fraction of the most powerful are sought out by the Ways to join their ranks.

It is the opinion of the Waywachrie that those who have unlocked a certain level of ability will naturally want to join their secret society, as they can ‘see the truth that eyes cannot’.

Waywachrie look like normal people most of the time. They live and work among other people and use their abilities (either overtly or, more often, in secret) to rise to positions of power in whatever society they are a part of. When at or near the top, these secret Ways use their official or influential sway to steer society in a direction they deem positive.

Ways convene and make these decisions on how to direct their non-psychic peers regularly. When a Waywachrie council meets, the members go by their Way names, which are sometimes different from their names in daily life, and they don their masks, the only defining feature of the Waywachrie as a group.

Most people know of the Waywachrie, but many think they are only a legend. Very few have ever seen a Way with his mask on, and no mask has ever been recovered for study to understand how it stays over a Way’s face. It is assumed there is some kind of psychic link that holds it in place.


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