The Search for the Ocean Shard

a comic by Thomas Hotka and Trey Petersen

Waywachrie Council

There are many Waywachrie Councils on Nextuus- one for nearly every major population center. This Council oversees the city of Ladime and the surrounding areas.


All but one of the members of a council hold a position of power in their region, giving them the ability to affect change on a grand scale. One member of the council is always a ‘Shaman’, one of the highest positions one can achieve in the Waywachrie. The Shamans of each Council will meet whenever worldwide Waywachrie action is considered necessary. This very rarely happens.


Periodically the Council will gather its members together and decide what course they should steer society towards. Masks are always worn to these meetings, and ceremonial names, if the members chose to keep them, are used instead of their given names.


The Ladime Council, from left to right:



Shamans are always referred to by their title. As soon as a Way becomes a Shaman, he leaves his life outside of the Waywachrie. Shamans remain hidden completely from society, honing their skills in secret. This Shaman, like most, is a master of most forms of psychic power, and can even spy into possible futures.



Malden is a Captain in the NPDF. Most councils have at least one member who is a member of the armed forces, and Ladime has several large NPDF bases surrounding and within it. Malden is an excellent tactician, even without his psychic abilities, but he is quick to anger. Malden did fight alongside the NPDF in the war against the Donts, and bears a strong grudge toward the aliens.



Dayro is a Sanctioned Psychic within the NIX organization. He is one of the only members of the council able to use his abilities overtly in society. Dayro has achieved a high rank within the NIX, and now selects and helps to train other sanctioned psychics for the organization. He is also able to scry possible futures, which the NIX tries to exploit when it can.



Fayus is the personal assistant to the Central Primaris Governor, whose offices are based in Ladime. Central Primaris is the largest governmental region on the continent, and only the senate and the Planetary Governor check his power. Fayus has used her powers to influence the past 5 Regional Governors, including each of them selecting to keep her on staff after winning their respective elections.


Yekran Seth:

Sethelism is the predominant religion on Nextuus. The Cult of Sethel does not have much pull in governmental regulation, but it holds enough sway over the population for the Ways to be sure to always have a member inside their ranks. Yekran is a monk, or ‘Seth’, in one of the largest temples in Ladime, and sits on the Sethel council as well.



Burenna is a corporate head for Ostenn Freight, a company that performs interstellar shipping for most of the larger businesses on Nextuus. She takes her work very seriously and feels most of the council’s meetings are steeped in too much tradition and thus a waste of time.



The Waywachrie do not steer just the government agencies, militaries and businesses of society- they also pervade the underworld. Ress leads the Redeng gang, a group notorious for simple acts of graffiti and muggings up to drug and weapons trafficking. Ress never removes his mask, so all of the Redeng gang knows he is a Way, or at least that he wears one of their masks. Ress is also completely blind, and uses a psychic form of vision to see at all times.



Atima was born into wealth and has always lived among the upper crust of the Ladime socialites. She has vast wealth at her disposal that can be moved around to suit the needs of other members of the council. Atima has a lot of free time to improve her abilities and train her recruits- this has made her one of the most powerful members of the council, and by far the member with the most Waywachrie beneath her.


–Original designs for the Way Council by Trey Petersen


©2006-2018 Thomas Hotka