The Search for the Ocean Shard

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March 8, 2012 - CHAPTER ELEVEN

And we start a new chapter. Thanks for reading.

And hey– We finished chapter 10! So not only are there 10 complete chapters of Nextuus, which I’m quite excited about, but I also owe you a customary extra image! Here it is:

People got such a kick out of One-15 chasing the little Ovibo on page 269, I just had to draw them together again.

Recently, as you probably know by now, the first 5 chapters came out in a book. My mother works at a school library and bought some copies for her school. She and a few of the other teachers read it and then discussed it. I submitted a few discussion questions for them. This is a quote from her e-mail about how the discussion went:
“We all liked the question about One-15. We all like him as a character and think he has integrity. We do not believe that he is a robot, though we might have at first. He is a ‘sweetie’.”
Who knew One-15 would be such a lady-killer!

Check the update from Tuesday here.

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