The Search for the Ocean Shard

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February 23, 2012 - Page 269

Man I was excited to draw this page. First, to see One-15 petting a dog (I wrote it in the script as dog, but dog-lizard thing works, too), then to see One-15 doing farm-stuff. Hope you guys get half the kick out of this that I did!

Also, here’s some sketches of the Nextuus fauna featured in today’s page:

The Silky Laterann is a common pet on Nextuus, like a dog. It’s based off of a komodo dragon and a bush dog. I decided to give it a stubby tail in the comic, as opposed to the long one featured here.

The Hairy Ovibo is a beast of burden and are also raised for their meat, like an Ox. They are mostly a stegasaurus with its body turned backwards. And hair instead of plates and spikes. And some extra eyes.

I… I am in awe, sir. Complete and utter awe. Does the Nobel Peace Prize get awarded out to artists? Cuz you should get it… the image of One-Fifteen chasing an Ovibo-pup is beyond cute…

Thom says:

┬áHA! Yeah, that last panel was a hoot and a half, wasn’t it?

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