The Search for the Ocean Shard

a comic by Thomas Hotka and Trey Petersen

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October 27, 2012 - Page 362

Man, I had a blast drawing and coloring this page. It’s pretty fun redrawing stuff that I drew YEARS ago!

This ‘mind-reading’ page is a bit cleaner and more controlled than when we saw Katja do it back in chapter 7, and that is just to illustrate that Kelse is better at reading minds.

Daniel Kauwe says:

i had to go back and reread a ton of pages in order to ask this question:

so based on what we’ve seen thus far of Katja and the Way, is it correct to interpret Katja’s references to a group of psychics as referring to the Way? if so, does this mean that Katja was a Way and then got expelled as part of her punishment? 

also, if Katja was a Way, why did they let her go? from what we’ve seen of the Way, i would have thought they’d have killed her rather than let her go…

ooooh! another question. if Kelse is better than Katja at reading minds does this mean that Kelse is inherently a stronger psychic or does this just mean that Kelse is better at reading minds? 

Thom says:

 Oh, man! So many good questions! I want to tell you if your intuition is correct or not, but I just can’t do it! Most of these questions will be answered as the story continues!

Regarding your final question- Every psychic has different abilities in which they excel. Kelse is a better mind reader than Katja, but it does not mean she is overall more powerful.

And again, I’m sorry that’s all I can answer for now. I’m glad you took the time to read and ask and are curious, though! These are just some serious questions that will be addressed in the story.

Daniel Kauwe says:

That’s cool! I’m not surprised that you don’t want to give away to many plot details. I just thought I’d ask because the pieces seemed to all add up to one big sign pointing to Katja being an ex-Way. I shall expectantly await further details 🙂

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