The Search for the Ocean Shard

a comic by Thomas Hotka and Trey Petersen

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December 8, 2012 - Page 378


Uploaded a new Thomcast to the Youtubes yesterday:

Thanks for watching!

Ember Sytheris says:


Thom says:

Making cool wooshing noises is a pretty important part of being psychic. True story.

Daniel Kauwe says:

oooohhhhh! so cool!

and shiny!

so you changed the commenting system?

Pat Hawks says:

Webmaster here!
Yes, indeed we did change the commenting system; +10 internetpoints to you for noticing.

Our new system allows us to do a few things that Disqus couldn’t do and, I’d like to think, is a bit nicer looking to boot.

Hope you like it. 🙂

Daniel Kauwe says:

well since it’s interfaced with Facebook, i’m happy since that means i don’t have to create a special log in…on the other hand, i’m sad that i won’t get to see comments for this comic in my Disqus history 😛

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