The Search for the Ocean Shard

a comic by Thomas Hotka and Trey Petersen

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February 9, 2013 - Page 404

Alec is Dougan‘s first name. Not sure how long it’s been since anyone has called him by his first name.

New THOMCAST! Signed up for another convention, the Planet Comic Con in Kansas City!

Shirou Zhiwu says:

Hopefully his new plane was built with good ethics like a like a 1940 Dodge pick up, not with the crappy ethics of anything made since 1980.

Thom says:

Man, wasn’t that great? When companies built things that were made to, you know, work?

Daniel Kauwe says:

hmm okay. new aircraft sounds good. i’m not happy that they’re reversing direction, but maybe with the new aircraft they’ll finally start the actual treasure hunting!

Thom says:

Well, to put you at ease a bit, Ladime is really the closest place they can go from where they are now.

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