The Search for the Ocean Shard

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April 13, 2017 - Page 987

Also, thank you for not eating me? Do Donts eat people?

I’ll be at Planet Comicon later this month! If you’re going to be in Kansas City, you have to check out this awesome show!


fixerwolfie says:

Can it really be called generous if you were forced to do it?

Thom says:

I’m not sure on the rules of etiquette in this situation.
Somebody write a letter to Emily Post!

fixerwolfie says:

Presumably the Institute, not the lady, otherwise I wouldn’t expect a response! (the deceased are terribly rude like that)

Thom says:

I honestly hadn’t considered sending Emily herself a letter– though I imagine you’re right. I’ve never received reliable responses from the departed.

fixerwolfie says:

Glad I could inspire an uncommon thought! Is good fun.

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