The Search for the Ocean Shard

a comic by Thomas Hotka and Trey Petersen

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January 22, 2013 - Page 396

Jeeze, Randall. Are you still upset about that? Learn to let things go, man.

Hey! A new reader made some awesome Nextuus art! Check it:

Ultimate FACE

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Daniel Kauwe says:

yep…they’re all in s*** load of trouble…but hey, they’re sort on a race to get to their Ocean Shard thingamajiggy so maybe they could just use the threat of pursuit as motivation and get off their asses and start treasure hunting or whatever the f*** it is that they’re supposed to be doing…you know rather than chit chatting in the desert or where ever it is that they’re at…

Thom says:

Ha! I get the feeling you are excited to see the story move on from this point! 😀
Don’t worry, the search for that thingamajiggy is still the main goal. Being stranded in the desert is not going to be the rest of the story 😉

Daniel Kauwe says:

srsly – right now i’m lead artist for a big student game contest and it’s just a lot of bulls*** back and forth about she said, he said, they said, ,…wait…what are we doing?

so when i see everybody standing around yakking about this and that and nonchalantly speculating about blah blah blah whatever…i’m kind of like, dudes! urgency! get your asses in gear and just start moving, talk about it once you’re moving in a direction…any direction!

well maybe not any direction, but honestly, it doesn’t seem like their aircraft could have carried them very far from the point at which they shot down the military pursuit craft…or did they? i can’t really tell because there wasn’t any sort of over view showing total distance traveled…

so if was me, i’d be yelling at everybody to get a move on it before Nix shows up and starts kicking everyone’s ass…without psychic lady to help or mutant monster guy…the currently conscious party members don’t seem like they’d last long against Nix…

so yeah, i’d be whipping everyone forward.

btw – in a totally tangential point of order, i purchased a copy of your first volume of the comic and when i did so i recall your site saying that purchases from Amazon do not yield as high a profit for you as purchases from the other fulfiller. the problem i’ve found is that other than Amazon, most fulfillers of graphic novels/comic books are f***ing retarded when it comes to actually shipping the product. by and large i’m always getting stuff backed in flimsy envelops which invariably come apart at the corners resulting in books with bent corners. and while i’m not aiming to invest for resale, it’s still really annoying to buy a new product and then get something that is kind of f***ed up.

and i swear, other than Amazon, this happens with pretty much every other fulfiller, unless the item is a hard bound graphic novel or such…

so anyway, i just wanted to point that out because for the most part, i now pretty much avoid ordering from any source other than Amazon if at all possible because i’m tired of getting damaged and bent books…

Thom says:

Oh, man. Sorry to hear about the contest. That can be endlessly frustrating.
Believe me, I want the story to get moving as well, but the characters feel they have enough time to wait for help and examine their situation. They did carry on on the wing engines until the start of this chapter, so we can assume they made it a fair distance away.

Thanks for the info about shipping! I don’t get any input in how they ship out the merchandise, so it’s good to know that Amazon at least is always good about it. The important thing for me is that people get their books and read the story- not that I make a couple more bucks! Thanks a lot for buying a copy, man!

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