The Search for the Ocean Shard

a comic by Thomas Hotka and Trey Petersen

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August 22, 2013 - Page 481

I wrote this scene so that I could relive an experience I had as a teenager.

When we were in high school, Professor Trey, a couple other friends and I geared up in our army surplus fatigues. We equipped ourselves with our air rifles, our bazooka made of a drainage pipe and duct tape, and our tennis ball grenades. We drove out to the trail that went through the woods in the middle of the night, and we had COMBAT OPS.

We look back on it now and realize that, had we been caught, we could have gotten in SERIOUS trouble, if not shot. Because we were dressed up as army guys with realistic looking guns, running around on state-owned property in the dark, pretending to be commandos.

Anyway, it is a fond memory, and drawing this scene brings those fond memories to the surface.

Just felt like sharing a little bit.

Daniel Kauwe says:

hey Thom- that’s pretty awesome!

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