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August 24, 2013 - Page 482

I wonder if weaponized lasers would make effective sniper rifles. I imagine they wouldn’t make too much noise, but even though it moves at the speed of light, your shot would still be bright. And it would probably spike as a heat signature… I don’t really know much about lasers, you guys.


I do know how to make weekly THOMCASTs, though:

Daniel Kauwe says:

awesome point regarding the lasers…i have over time come to think that projectile weapons might be actually the best bet ever as far as mass producing the most utilitarian combat solution…sure we can mix it up with novel/hybrid/exotic projectile forms like say super heated plasma (which could be superheated to a point that it only gives of the standard, weak, blue glow – and that would be f-ing hot enough if it was condensed plasma to probably eat through most matter…as for energetic type defenses, i have a feeling that people are going to discover that the shield physics limit depicted in Dune…can’t remember if it was both in the movie and the books…no…no…no…actually now that I think about it, I am pretty sure that Herbert made a very explicit point that the energetic shields will block fast moving attacks [makes sense in an equal and opposing force paradigm] while the shields will not block slow moving attacks [again makes sense in an equal and opposing force paradigm] anyway, i think people are going to find that energetic shields will never be a magical end all be all barrier that will simply block anything and everything as that just crazy talk [although get me my pink unicorns and we might be talking] so again, anyway, the shields probably wouldn’t be very effective at stopping super heated projectile plasma if that projectile salvo was delivered in a sustained rate below what would trigger the shields reflective kickback whatever you want to call it).

so yeah…about them lasers…naw…

i’m gonna put my money on novel/hybrid/exotic projectiles.

of course, let us not forget that Akira and Romantically Apocalyptic both remind us (in addition to some other storylines) that having at least one kick ass orbital defense ion cannon or whatever the f they’re called at your disposal would be f-ing awesome…

i mean sheeet. even in Akira the orbital laser cannon took out, i think an arm from one of the ubermensch guys…I always get them confused like I guess I Akira is the one that died and then sort of comes back and then what’s his name is the asshole that is just an asshole and fs everyone up because he’s an asshole and then what’s her face shows up and kicks his ass and then everyone just kicks each others’ ass and it’s ass kicking all around…with super cool orbital laser cannons!

Thom says:

Yeah, plasma technology seems to make for a far more destructive sci-fi weapon choice. In the Nextuus universe, I like to think of laser weapons being cheap and easy to mass-produce, if not wholly effective. Also, I like the humans to kind of have the short end of the stick when compared to other races’ tech 🙂

Realistically speaking, I’m with you. Projectile weaponry in some form will probably always be king. I mean, railguns are real now. RAILGUNS.

Daniel Kauwe says:

rail guns…heh heh…

i keep thinking….oooh, like SC2 except i hope not so silly looking…

Daniel Kauwe says:

oh, so you’re doing a book?

is that a Volume Two of Hunt for the Ocean Shard or is it an actual novel like words no pictures (boo!) book?

Thom says:

Oh no, it will be the next 5 chapters of the Search for the Ocean Shard!

So, it’ll be 6-10, with a bunch of guest art and little mini-chapters.

The rifle could use an ultra violet laser. Its not visiable to humans.

Thom says:

Legit! See– I need to talk to sci-fi fans more. I wouldn’t have thought of that!

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