The Search for the Ocean Shard

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April 2, 2015 - Page 707

Somebody should clean this place up.

Tre says:

Never ceases to amaze how popular culture trivializes concussions. How did it start? Who thought giving someone a brain bruise to knock them out was a small thing?

That said though it is a handy way to end the fight with this jokers, eh?

Thom says:

Indeed! It’s one of those tropes that most people have just agreed to believe. I, too, wonder where it got its start… Wonder if it’s on that TVtropes site?

And it’s SO HANDY, man 🙂

Bradson says:

You did this, and now you get to suffer the consequences with me.

Thom says:

HAHAHA! Awesome! I wish it listed an origin.

Though, seeing the Tintin panel made me realize that it happens multiple times in every issue of that comic I have read!

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