The Search for the Ocean Shard

a comic by Thomas Hotka and Trey Petersen

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May 4, 2017 - Nextuus Planet Bio Update

Still taking a brief break between chapters. I’ve been meaning to update the ol’ Planet Bio information on the About page for a million years. So I did it! Including this swell map!

I’ve actually had this map file for several years, and I’ve added cities to it as they’ve been mentioned in the comic. There are more locations of note than those listed here, but this gives you a general idea.

Check the about page for more details on population and climate, if you’ve never seen it before!

Check Tuesday’s update if you missed it!

And I’ll be at Mayhem Comics & Games in Clive, IA this Saturday for their Free Comic Book Day event! Stop by and say hello if you’re in the Des Moines area!

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