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September 23, 2017 - Alphabet Challenge End

Hey guys– I was unable to prep a full page for today, so here you get a sneak peek of the last few days of the Amazing Character Alphabet Challenge I’ve been taking part in since early September. (you can see the rest on my DeviantArt page)

I’ve been using Nextuus characters for all of the letters of the alphabet, some from the comic, and some from the ‘expanded universe’. Note the strange shark-robots for X and Z. These are a type of interstellar navigation robot developed by humans. Generally they are hardwired into their owner’s ship. The programming could be added to the ship’s computer instead, but the series can also perform other functions when they have a body. Also, humans like to anthropomorphize computer functions, especially during the long trips through open space.

Regular pages back on Tuesday!


At the end of the month I’ll have a table at the ICON Sci-fi Fantasy convention! Come check out this excellent show!

On Thursday the 28th, I’ll be taking part in a book signing event at the Barnes & Noble in Cedar Rapids starting at 6:30– come see me and several other sci-fi/fantasy authors!

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